Friday, September 30, 2011

Cottages in Cornwall, Eden Project

image of my boy with his uncle

For past entries, I’ve talked about London apartments and the Olympics 2012. In this entry, it still related to United Kingdom, the place where I spent 4 years, completed my study and earned lots of Pound Sterling (by working and doing ebay). During those periods, I’ve spent a lot when travelling around England, up to Wales, Scotland and some European countries.

Normally I prefer driving my proton Wira car (known as Proton Persona in UK). Just for knowledge, here I share some information about proton Wira, credit to wikipedia:

In 1994, exports to the United Kingdom began where it was marketed as the Proton Persona (not to be confused with the latest 2007 sedan model by Proton). As with the Saga, all export models used multi-point fuel injection to comply with the Euro I emissions standards. The UK market also had a turbo diesel engine in the range, called TDi. In 2001, the Wira name was finally used in theUnited Kingdom, replacing the Persona name. 

So, I loved the car very much and she really deliberate on me. Unfortunately, I’ve to let it go as it is not worth for shipment back to Malaysia.

Ok, so lets get back to what I’m going to say. Among those places of interest in UK, I really admire cottage house. The cottages are really special to me. I like the look and the surrounding environments. For me, cottages in Cornwall are one of the best in term of house designs, environment and variation. I had a chance to enjoy the view and scenery during my vacation to Lands End, back in 2004.

The topography of Cornwall makes the cottages look amazing, as there were hills, stiff area, high cliff and the ocean with big waves. Everything looks so perfect to me.

Not far from Cornwall town, there is a masterpiece of architecture, laid cluster of gigantic dome know as Eden Project. The Eden Project was designed by great architect, Nicholas Grimshaw. It was a great honour for me, to have a chance witnessing the art of architecture from great architect.

Honestly, I’m so impressed once I stepped into the giant dome. Believe me, you can’t get the same experience any other place in UK or Europe. The special about Eden Project is that it gathered plant species from around the world. The first emulates a tropical environment, while the other dome for a warm temperate, mediterranean environment.

It’s already 6 years since I left England for good. Still I have the feeling to come back there to enjoy all places of interest and holiday destinations. I wish I can make it again.

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